In Praise of Heretics

The word “heretic” is often thrown around today to denounce someone for espousing an idea deemed “unbiblical” or “unorthodox” or “contrary to the teachings of the church.”  It carries a negative connotation, often meant to cast a poor soul out of a community to be shunned, exiled, and sometimes even tortured with words or sharp implements.  And in extreme cases, killed and ultimately damned. But as one looks at the history of heretics, one finds quite a few surprises.

Escape from Genocide and a Dream for an Education: Venantie Uwishyaka’s Story

I think it's always good when we engage in political discussions to put a human face to the people we are talking about. Venantie Uwishyaka was one of my students who escaped genocide and overcame obstacles in Rwanda to come to the United States to get her education. She won all the top academic awards …