“Faith is like gumbo. In order for it to be authentic, you have to make it your own.”


“We stole away because we wanted for the love of God to be on a pilgrimage, we cared not where.” These words were spoken by three Irishmen in the court of King Alfred after a journey across the sea without oars. It is a sentiment at the heart of the spiritual journey that I describe in this book. Utilizing the heroic journey model made famous by Joseph Campbell, I take the reader on an adventure to be spiritual formed. This book, combined with journal prompts found on this site, spring from material I have tested in the classroom for over a decade.


Phileena Heuertz, author of Mindful Silence

With wit and wisdom, Pigott entices the reader to take seriously the Christian path of transformation. Herein lies a trustworthy guide for those seeking to live an abundant life.

John Armstrong, author of Costly Love

Kelly Pigott is a master modern storyteller. He is also a really good historian who doesn’t know how to bore people…. He wants you to think more deeply, far beyond the simple answers our culture and churches provide us that have the habit of dilillusioning us when life slams into our bad theology.

Danielle Shroyer, author of Original Blessing: Putting Sin in Its Rightful Place

In these pages, Pigott is a faithful, pastoral, and trustworthy guide as the reader embarks on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation. May this book provoke big questions and even bigger changes as readers encounter God’s transforming Spirit.

Jim Henderson, author of Jim and Casper Go to Church

Kelly brilliantly (and I use that word intentionally) weaves his humanity into the biblical narrative while adding ancient commentaries from church fathers and mothers. This book is at once comprehensive, thorough, tender, honest, coherent, piercing, human, and humorous. It is an epic work hiding out in the open under the cover of humility. I am proud of Kelly and deeply appreciative for the creative way he has presented biblical history. This is spiritual formation at its best.

Testimonials from my students

(Pigott) puts into terms that are practical examples throughout life… His personal connections and anecdotes bring the book to life, and his personality shines through the page.” Maranda

“Sometimes we feel like we can’t talk to other Christians about our faith, so we feel alone. (This book) acknowledges we are all on our own journey and it reminds you that you are not alone.” Cheyanne

“It’s like his lectures are captured in this book that you can read time and time again.” Avery

“We want to encounter God…. We’re not going on this journey because God is there and not here — God is in both places.” Zach

“He doesn’t want to form your opinion for you…. He lays it out there and lets you decide.” Amanda