I Have a Voice!

“The King’s Speech” is a beautiful narrative of a man transubstantiated from a frightened child cowering and stammering because of bullies, to a King destined to lead his country to face one of the great evils of the twentieth century.

At first he believes the problem is a technical one that can be solved through exercises.

His spiritual guide, Lionel, knows otherwise. And he constantly presses the Duke to face his fears, leave his baggage behind (symbolized in his habit of smoking), and realize his true destiny, that he can shine as a great King.

The moment of transubstantiation occurs when he shouts, “I have a voice!” But he wouldn’t have found this voice had it not been for Lionel, the friend who listened. It was in fully embracing this friendship that the Duke is transubstantiated into the King.

Watch this scene from the film and write down your impressions.

King’s Speech


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