tickle book


Tony Jones, ed., Phyllis Tickle: Evangelist of the Future. Paraclete Press, 2014.

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witnesses book


Michael E. Williams, ed., Witnesses to the Baptist Heritage. Mercer Press, 2016

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I have contributed numerous articles on Patheos, mostly under the “Faith Forward” column in the Progressive Christianity Channel.

Titles and Links

Can You Handle the Truth? On Galileo, Biblical Inerrancy, and the Courage to Question

“Holy Bones: How Saint Skeletons became Relics of Power”

“In Praise of Heretics” 

“Penile Substitution”

 “What Does Spanking Have to do with Valentine’s Day?”

 “Where did Zombies Come From?”

“Where the Reformation Got it Wrong About the Eucharist”

Battle over the Body and Blood of Christ Series

Stale Crackers and Fruit Juice”

“When This is my Body Became Words to Kill for”

 “Altar or Table?”

 “Blood Becomes Wine”

 “No Sinners Allowed”

The Cross Series

 “The Problem of Evil”

“The God Who Sends Tornadoes and Fails to Save Soldiers”

“Was Job Right in Declaring God Unfair?”

“The Views of Calvin, Arminius, and Aslan, Described Somewhat Snarkily”

“My Answer to my Daughter’s Question: Why Did God Make Sickness?”

“They Should Have Sent a Poet”


Gravity Center Website 

Ashes, Tattoos, the Sign of the Cross, and My Friend Connie

How to Make Time Stand Still