Playing Catch with Dad

I know.  You’re thinking, “Ugh, not this scene again.”  But humor me.  Even the most cynical among us has to admit that a father and a child playing catch (or shooting hoops, or going fishing) is an important moment. For those of you who have not seen the movie, the baseball player is the father of Costner’s character.  He’s a ghost.  And up until this scene neither character has admitted recognizing the other.  But now Costner’s character takes the bold step of facing up to his father.  It’s tough because many of his memories of him are negative.  But rather than lashing out, Costner’s character chooses grace.  And in so doing, he reconciles with the ghost of his dad and experiences heaven.

When we are young, our relationship with our parents is by far the most important. And for some, this was a very positive experience. For others, very negative. And for most of us, somewhere in between.

As you reflect over the memories of your mom and dad, what are some of the more painful ones?

What are some of your most positive memories with your parents?

In what ways do you need to extend grace to your parents?

How are you becoming like your parents?

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