Spilled Coffee on Ancient Scrolls PODCAST is Here!

Some of you may have noticed I’m posting a little more. One of the reasons is that I’ve decided that one small way I can respond to the anger and vitriol that seems so prevalent in our world is to offer a small moment of mindfulness and kindness.

To that end, I’ve started a podcast on Buzzsprouts: http://spilledcoffeeonancientscrolls.buzzsprout.com/640096

They will be weekly and short (around 5 minutes), based on my blog postings. This way, if you need something uplifting to start your day or on your way to work, you can add this to your routine.

If you enjoy it, please subscribe and share!

Here’s a sample from Spotify.

The First Word Ever: A Journal Reflection

for forty yearsthe sheets of white paper havepassed under my hands and I have tried     to improve their peacefulemptiness putting downlittle curls little shaftsof letters words     little flames leaping "Forty Years,” by Mary Oliver Writing really is amazing. Somehow these squiggly lines convey information that has allowed humanity to rise out of the field and …

How the Son of a Rural Sharecropper Became an Ambassador for Humanity: The Story of Blind Willie Johnson

At the age of five, George Johnson gave his son Willie a gift that would change his life—a cigar box guitar. As Willie picked it up and began strumming, it soon became apparent that he had a gift. A couple of years later, Willie’s stepmother was caught cheating, and his father beat her out of …